List of World History Research Paper Topic Ideas

One might think that world history is so expansive that it would be impossible to miss a topic to base your high school paper on. However, not all ideas or topics will give you the grade you are looking for. For world history research paper topic ideas to qualify for use in a paper, they must meet certain conditions.

  • Be unique – this calls for a topic that stands out. While everyone in your class is choosing the common topics, be unique and go beyond the course outline to find an idea or perspective that is interesting. Your paper stands out when it is different from the others.
  • Fresh – thousands of scholars and students have studied world history for centuries. In fact, history might not present anything new for you to study. However, find some new perspective or idea you can share with your readers. Do not retreat to the old and mundane topics that have been exhaustively studied in the past. They are tiring to read.
  • Interesting – history is a very interesting subject. Capture this in your title. Find a twist to your paper. Choose words that entice a reader to go deeper into the paper. If a reader loses interest at the title, it will be difficult to regain it.
  • Relevant – what element of world history do you intend to study? This will be dictated by your course outline. Ensure that the topic is within your academic scope.

Here are excellent world history research paper topics high school ideas to consider.

  1. What was the contribution of slavery in world development.
  2. How were pyramids built in Egypt.
  3. Which were the oldest civilizations in the world?
  4. The benefits space race had on human race.
  5. The major discoveries in medicine that have altered the history of the world.
  6. Changes in education systems and content over years.
  7. Was Hiroshima bombing a necessary evil?
  8. What was the impact of scientific revolution on humanity.
  9. What if the Cold War never existed?
  10. What is the role of Gandhi in improvement of world peace.
  11. How has Christianity evolved over the years?

There are many research paper topics world history you can select, but they must meet the highest standards required. A strong topic will be easier to study because there are materials for the subjects in question. Identify boundaries in your world history studies by choosing a particular era, nation, aspect of world history etc. Consult your teacher to ensure that your topic is researchable.