Choosing Great Theatre History Research Paper Topics

The history of theatre is long and interesting. It is intertwined with the history of the world which makes offers enough ideas and materials when you need to select theatre history research paper topics. Here are some of the topics to consider that will make your paper interesting to read.

  1. Influence of puppetry on cartoons today
  2. The similarities and differences between American and Chinese operas
  3. Commercialization of community theatre
  4. Theatre in the age of home entertainment
  5. Religious influence in development of theatre
  6. The use of theatre as a political tool
  7. The most influential elements of the Elizabethan era theatre culture
  8. Infusion of technology in theatre
  9. The entry of 3D and its impact on theatre going experience
  10. The use of costumes to represent history on stage
  11. When theatre becomes blasphemous
  12. Theatre as a class in philosophy

There is a close relationship between theatre and European history. This makes it almost impossible to talk about European development without mentioning theatre. Here are research paper topics European history that show the close links between theatre and history.

  1. The use of propagandist methods to spread fascism
  2. The effects of WWII on social development in arts
  3. Theatre as a symbol of nationalism and its place in European history
  4. Theatre as the origin of liberalism in Europe
  5. Explain instances and description of science in European theatric presentations
  6. The place of war in fueling nationalism
  7. Gender bias in European society
  8. Morality and wealth in famous European plays
  9. The role of children in European theatre performances
  10. Theatre as a social commentary tool

Coming up with a compelling title for your paper is just the beginning of a long and demanding journey. There is more to be done to ensure that your paper is captivating and attracts a good grade. Here are other tips that will boost the quality of your paper.

  • Create an Outline
    History is usually chronological. This element must be maintained in your paper. The best way to maintain a sensible order in your points is to plan them in advance. One of the tools you can use is the outline. It helps you identify the ideas and flesh them out in readiness for drafting the paper. Find a history research paper outline example to assist you in developing your own.
  • Read Widely
    History depends a lot on facts. Any misrepresentation will attract a penalty and in fact weaken your argument. To avoid this pitfall you must read widely. Look for credible books, articles, journals and even other papers. Learn more about your topic and use the points gathered to strengthen your paper.
  • Strict and Consistent Formatting
    There are unique and strict instructions for each paper. You either format the paper in APA or MLA, among other styles that exist in academia. Beyond the common rules, your supervisor will issue other instructions that must be followed. Be very strict to avoid mixing two styles which will definitely lead to confusion.
  • Use Examples
    The complex instructions of academic writing are sometimes difficult to understand. Using an example saves you time and boost your confidence since you are sure of what is expected. An example will make it easy to cite your work, reference, format the cover page, etc.

A great paper on the history of theatre begins with the title. Choose a title that is interesting to read and relevant to history, theatre and the general history of Europe. Consult your teacher to confirm your topic and maybe suggest helpful reference resources for you.