Most Important Topic Sentences To Use In A Research Paper

Research paper writing is an art all to itself. It is a form of narrative writing, but there are several differences between crafting an essay and writing a large research project. When students try to just write a long essay instead of a longer paper, they will have difficulty getting the job done. The key to being successful on the longer project is being sure to include enough topic sentences and using them in proper place.

The first and most important topic sentence in the term paper is the actual thesis statement itself. This main sentence should be located at the end of the introduction. In a long project, the introduction could be several paragraphs in length. While each paragraph requires a topic sentence, the thesis still needs to be placed as the last sentence of the last paragraph in introduction.

The body paragraphs each need to have a topic sentence. Those sentences need to refer back to the main idea presented in the thesis statement. This way, the reader will know what the body paragraph will be proving in connection to the thesis. In order for the reader to know what is happening in each body paragraph, the topic sentence should be the first sentence of the paragraph. Readers get confused when the topic sentence is located in an unexpected position.

When the paper is coming to a close, the conclusion also needs to have a topic sentence. In this final paragraph, the topic sentence is actually a restatement of the thesis, using slightly different words. Where the thesis is the last sentence in the introduction, it should actually be the first sentence of the conclusion. Then, the rest of the conclusion will mirror the introduction - with main points and a return to the hook used in the introduction.

The topic sentences that a writer uses in a research paper need to be located in expected places throughout the project. They should always refer back to the thesis and each topic sentence needs to be a statement that can be argued and proved. These main sentences must always be supported with good ideas and the facts that back them up. Without the proper support, the topic sentences are just useless opinions that will mean nothing to the reader. The thesis is the most important sentence in the project, but the others need to be in place because they are important, too.