Simple Tips On How To Create A Good Research Paper Thesis Statement

Students are often asked to write a thesis paper and this is an important task since it basically tests what they have learnt throughout the course. It showcases their knowledge about the subject and allows them to apply the same to prove their argument. A lot of papers require you to come up with a research paper statement before you start the actual thesis paper.

Basics of developing a statement

  • There are five basic steps to coming up with the perfect statement.

  • The first step involves identifying the topic you are writing on and gathering as much material and content as you can.

  • In the next stop, you need to derive a main point from the topic and understand how you are going to expand upon it.

  • You should then concentrate on drafting a statement.

  • Next, you are responsible for refining and polishing this draft statement.

  • Once you are done with the above steps, you should focus on completing the final statement.

Length of the statement

The main aim of the statement is to concentrate your main ideas into a couple of sentences. It is meant to satisfactorily present the subject of your paper and also make a comment regarding your current position with respect to the topic. The statement should easily let the reader know the main intention behind the paper and also serve as a guide for writing and maintaining the focus of your argument.

Nature of the statement

It is important for the research paper statement to include comments regarding your position on the topic. This means that a statement is much more than just a method for announcing the paper topic. It should explain clearly which position you choose and what method you will adopt to evaluate or analyse the issue or subject. Basically, a statement should explain what you want to say in your paper rather than simply stating a general fact.

Originality of the statement

You must make it a point to always avoid formulaic statements and generic arguments. This will enable you to begin work on a rough draft. However, this is not the copy that will present to the reader. This is an outline that you need to flesh paper based on the direction of your paper and keep on editing until the statement actually reflects the true ideas of the paper.