How Do You Create a Brilliant Research Paper Introduction

A research paper introduction will either make or break your paper. The impression it creates in the mind of a reader will determine whether he reads on or drops the paper. To compile a captivating paper, your introduction must be outstanding. But how can you make it impressive?

  • Make it Short
    An introduction should be a few paragraphs meant to brief the reader on what to expect. This is not the time to reveal your results and even provide conclusions. It is only meant to arouse curiosity in the mind of a reader. To achieve this objective, it must be short and precise. An introduction that is too long will tempt the writer to include unnecessary information.
  • Use a Quotation
    There are authorities in your discipline of study whose words cause everyone to stop and listen. Identify such a figure and use his or her quotation to open your paper. For instance, in a career research paper introduction paragraph, you may quote the director or personality at Bureau of Labor Statistics. Anyone interested in the labor market will want to know what such a person is saying. The personality will give credence to your work. The quotation should be relevant and in line with the idea you wish to discuss. The quotation should also be used to provide a context for your arguments.
  • Be Relevant
    An introduction highlights what is captured in the body of your paper. The least that is expected of you is to cover the issues addressed in the paper. As such, you must open your paper with relevant words and phrases. Your stories, statistics and quotations should not digress. Including irrelevant materials at the introduction is likely to confuse the reader other than make it easier to understand your approach.
  • Provide Hints
    The reader is expectant when reading through the introduction. He wants to know what to expect from your paper. Provide the hints in your opening paragraphs. The hints should be subtle and not fully revealing. Show what you expect or hint at the conclusions you have realized in your work. This ignites a greater degree of curiosity.
  • Start With a Story
    The story has been part of the life of humanity for centuries. This is a good idea on how to start a research paper introduction example. Even today, people are attracted to stories and consider them to be great message carriers beyond being memorable. Identify a story that is very relevant to the subject and topic you intend to explore. Use it as your opening statement. The reader follows your discussion in an attempt to identify what the personalities given in the story represent.
  • Give Shocking Statistics
    Figures are another tool that captures the attention of a reader. When given in fractions or percentages they reveal faults or catastrophes that many people ignore. Get statistics from reliable sources and use them to open your discussion. Still, make sure that they resonate with your topic.

If you are having doubts about how to start a research paper, example will make it easier for you to understand. Get the example from a reliable source like your supervisor or the library. Read more about crafting an introduction from this website.