Practical Tips For Composing A Research Paper Proposal On Bronze Age

Bronze Age is an era when people used alloy in creating their wares. This age witnessed incredible growth in material culture. In fact, metal work took prominence in this era. Each nation and continent had unique developments during this era. The discovery and use of metals and alloys also had an impact other social economic activities. It is estimated to have begun around 2300 BC and lasted for 1700 years. There are variations depending on the nation you are looking at. This idea therefore forms an incredible topic for a paper.
When asked to write a research paper proposal on this topic, the examiner wants you to describe and justify why you are undertaking the study. The proposal is presented before you embark on the paper. There are other reasons why you will be asked to writer a proposal.

  • It seeks to develop and nurture skills needed to prepare a comprehensive study on the subject
  • You will learn and begin preparing to conduct the study including testing whether your study question has already been answered.
  • The proposal will horn your general skills in research.
  • Begin to plan and take systematic steps that will eventually lead to a high quality paper
  • You will review the methods to be used in data collection and analysis to establish whether they are plausible.
  • Begin to review your own work and your ability to complete a credible scholarly exercise.

A proposal should capture all elements that go into completing a full study. It must also contain information that allows a reader to examine the validity of questions and methods proposed. The elements that are left out of your proposal are the analysis of data and presentation of results. You can better understand by having a look at an example of research paper proposal. Ensure that the example is obtained from a reliable source to avoid being misled.
A research paper sample provides directions on what is expected of your complete paper. Some of the reliable sources include from your supervisor, the library or a paper you had written in the past. Use of a low quality sample will affect your final paper. Ensure that the paper clearly states the problem you intend to study and your proposals on the methods of dissecting the problem. Further provide details of your design so that a person can review it to establish validity.