Most classes require a final essay at the end of the quarter, and it is extremely important that students do well on their essay. Professors expect more from essays than from tests because the student has the time to look things up, do research and prepare. Due to this, students should put extra effort into their writing assignments.

Learn the Rubric

Surprise! Professors do not just make up each grade. Before the professor begins grading, they will create a rubric that guides the different components of the essay. While some professors grade harshly on grammar, other professors want the ideas or research to be excellent. Students can hack their term paper by making sure that they learn what is expected in the rubric.

Read the Prompt

Other than the grading rubric, students should also check out the writing prompt. In this document, the teacher will detail all of the things that they expect in the paper. They may describe particular topics that they want, word counts or formatting requirements. Students should take time to read the writing prompt because it details everything that the professor expects from the essay.

Things Professors Want You to Do in Your Term Paper

Getting a top score in a college class is completely possible, but it takes work. Other than attending lectures, taking notes and doing homework, students can ensure that they get a good grade by completing an excellent term paper.

Spell Check

It is amazing how many papers are turned in with obvious spelling errors. Professors do not want to waste time circling misspelled words and typos. More importantly, spelling errors are something that the student can easily fix. Before turning any paper in, students should always make sure to check their spelling and edit the text.

Consider the Audience

If the paper is for a college English class, it will have a different focus than a history essay. While a history essay requires first-person quotes, data and historical research, an English essay focuses primarily on being able to write well. Before writing any paper, students should make sure that they know the audience that they are writing for.


Teachers do not want to read a term paper that is a mess of random ideas and incoherent ramblings. Before writing an essay of any type, students should make an outline. With an outline, the student can carefully organize all of their thoughts and ensure a logical, coherent argument.

Talk the Talk

One of the biggest pet peeves of many professors is the language that students use. Too many students use “I”, “you” and “well” in their papers. Essay writing started during the Enlightenment, and the goal of these papers was to prove something. Saying “I” in a paper implies that the essay only applies to the writer and is not a universal truth. Students should avoid casual language as they write and use academic writing language instead.

When in doubt, students should read through examples of academic writing to gain a better understanding of the requirements.